The Comedian

    I could never ever be a Psychotherapist. It’s not just because I have no patience, but the fact I just completely loathe whiners. It’s also the reason why I was so irritated by this new wee film that is currently doing the Festival circuit. Don’t be fooled by the title, it is not funny in … Continue reading

    The Dark Place

    Keegan Dark has hyperthymesia which means he has visions of his extremely detailed autobiographical memory. The trouble is that both the visions and his memory are more than a tad fuzzy so it takes us some time to work out what they all can possibly mean.  In fact its a good 30 minutes into this … Continue reading

    The Iris Prize : The British ShortList

      For new queer  filmmakers . the Iris Prize is like The Holy Grail.  With its £30000 prize money it continues to be the only LGBT+ short film prize in the world which allows the winner to make a new film.  It all happens at a Festival of the same in Cardiff, Wales, which in … Continue reading

    The Son : a touching story on the plight of queer Syrians that the Arab world wants Banned

      One of the perks/joys of being a Movie Critic * is that we can  easily get to see anything that is already being hyped as controversial or troublesome. In this case it is a particular episode of  the brand new LITTLE AMERICA TV series that an alarmed queer media is protesting has been banned … Continue reading

    The Wishmakers

    This low-budget romantic comedy is about three college friends who spend a summer living together in West Hollywood. Two of them are openly gay, while the third, whilst the third who is obviously a big old queen, claims to be a bi-sexual. They all throw a penny into a fountain and make a wish for what … Continue reading

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