Out Late

The overwhelming feeling that you get from the 5 gay seniors featured in this documentary who came out of the closet so very late in life, is a mixture of courage and regret.  Each of them had chosen to do what society had expected from them for most of their lives and rather face the … Continue reading

Out Loud : an exceptional queer Lebanese drama

The four young men have been best friends forever and what keeps them together is their need to help each other. Naive and innocent Jason is still dealing with being alone after his parents were assassinated by a car bomb; Elvis is trying to get out of the clutches of his drug dealing father so … Continue reading

OUT LOUD : the birth of the Trans Chorus of LA

Our journey that we are always on to gain  unqualified acceptance for the LGBTQ community ….. especially for our trans brothers and sisters  is helped greatly by our visibility.  It shows that we have reached the point of nt only being proud of whom we are but want to share that with the world. To … Continue reading

Out Of Iraq

Grab at least two boxes of Kleenex to watch this new documentary of a heartbreaking love story between an Iraqi soldier and an Iraqi military translator that always looks like it could end badly at any moment with either of the men being killed simply for being gay.  The newsreels are full each day of so … Continue reading

Out Of Time : a family dealing with a 11 year olds transitioning

  Brit queer filmmaker Leon Lopez’s  chose a gritty melodrama to direct for his  sophomore feature film. Until recently Lopez was best known for acting in major UK Soaps like Eastenders and  Hollyoaks , the latter he went on to direct.  His portfolio since then has included some excellent queer shorts such as ‘Crossroad‘ ‘Circles‘ … Continue reading

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