A Fantastic Woman

Sebastián Lelio’s extraordinary wonderful new movie gets to the very core of Chilean society’s inbred homophobia and transphobia that threatens the very existence of Marina  (Daniela Vega) the protagonist simply because they resent the very fact that she had been the light of her dead lover’s life.  The movie opens with 57-year-old Orlando (Francisco Reyes) getting ready … Continue reading

A Few Days of Respite aka Quelques Jours De Repit

This movie opens with two Iranian gay men who are fleeing their country (to avoid being executed as is the norm for homosexuals in Iran) and they have been dropped off at a railway line in the French countryside from where they can walk to the Station and catch a train, which will eventually get … Continue reading

A Finished Life : The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

Gregg Cour is a 48 year old  gay man with AIDS who, after being HIV+ for half of his life has decided that he simply does not want to start yet a new regime of different medications. As he explains, after a while the body comes immune to drugs taken continually and hence the need to … Continue reading

A Five Star Life ….. but does it bring happiness?

Irene spends her life nit-picking over every casual slight from any hotel front-desk clerk or noting exactly how long room service takes to deliver her order before she sticks her thermometer in first the wine and then the soup. That’s all before she strips the bed down completely to see how soft and clean the … Continue reading

A Fold In My Blanket aka ‘Chemi sabnis naketsi’

This rather baffling complex surrealist movie,  the directing/writing debut of Georgian filmmaker Zaza Rusadze, is set in a small town in his country some time in the near future. The somewhat sketchy plot tells the story of young Dmitrij who has just come back from studying in Western Europe and now has a lowly monotonous clerical job in the … Continue reading

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