Between Two-Spirit : Becoming A Woman At Sixty

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Approaching his 60th birthday after having just come through a life threatening illness, Chris Muth a Professor of Management at a High School of Engineering in Geneva decides it’s time for a change. However he’s not thinking about a conventional retirement to a cottage by the sea, or even taking a World Cruise like other senior citizens, … Continue reading

Beyond The Opposite Sex

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  In 2004 Executive Producer Bruce Hensel and his team made two documentaries called The Opposite Sex which were both screened on the Showtime Channel. Each film was a different story of two very different people who were in the throes of transitioning, both of whom had the added struggle of being part of conservative redneck families. Rene … Continue reading

Boy Meets Girl

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Eric Schaeffer’s refreshing and enchanting drama about three 20 year-olds looking for love in a small backwater town in Kentucky gently challenges us to suspend our preconceived views on gender labels and be as open to what happens as these lovelorn kids are. Ricky is a confident and determined transgendered young woman who is marking … Continue reading

Caer (Caught) is an extraordinary hybrid film about the plight of trans-Latina sex workers

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  Caer (Caught) is an extraordinary film that takes an unusual approach to highlight a very serious problem.  Australian-based filmmaker Nicola Mai’s remarkable hybrid documentary is about drawing our attention to the problematic situation facing trans-Latina sex workers in Queens NY. Mai chooses to do this by merging fiction and documentary, and this way he … Continue reading

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