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This is the story of Bindle and Keep a small tailoring company in New York who are part of whole new growing breed of clothiers who cater specifically for the transgender community. Whilst transitioning is mainly about having one’s body brought into line with a person’s true identity, one of the side effects is that trans … Continue reading


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  For her fourth time in the director’s chair Venezuelan/American filmmaker Elia K. Schneider chose to tell a dramatized version of the controversial true-life story of the Law Professor who transitioned into Tamara Adrián and who would go on to become the first transgender person ever elected to Venezuela’s National Assembly. The movie version of the story … Continue reading


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It’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Alexandra has just blown her last couple of dollars on buying Sin-Dee her best friend a pastry to celebrate her return after a 28 day stint in Jail. The mood quickly changes as these two transgendered prostitutes are dishing the dirty and Alexandra lets slip that Sin-Dee’s boyfriend/pimp Chester … Continue reading

The Conductor: the tale of a feminist whose best friend is a trans man

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  The real reason that Dutch filmmaker Maria Peters’ movie The Conductor came on Queerguru’s radar in the first place is that the secondary plot line centers on a trans man refreshingly played by the talented trans actor Scott Turner Schofield, This biopic is the heavily dramatized take on the true story of Antonia Brico … Continue reading

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