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Director William Friedkin claims that he had to take his notorious movie ‘Cruising’ about the gay S&M sub-culture to the Ratings Board on 50 occasions before they would give him a ‘R’.  Whether that is totally true or not is part of the myth around the over-rated but little seen psychological thriller released in 1980 to great controversy. The gay … Continue reading


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An unrestrained and completely over-the-top pansexual campus sci-fi comedy by famed queer filmmaker Greg Araki.  There is Smith who is still undecided about his sexuality who lusts for Thor his hunky roommate who is straight but likes to play at being gay. His best friend Stella is definitely a lesbian and she meets Lorelei who … Continue reading

Kidnapped For Christ

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This is a sadly very true tale about how American parents are willingly to shell out some $72000 per year (that’s $10000 more than Harvard’s fees) to have their children forcibly detained by fundamental Christian Evangelists at a ‘camp’ in a remote part of the Dominican Republic to undertake treatment euphemistically called behavior modification. The … Continue reading

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