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This highly stylised melodrama reverently covers an elegant period in Japanese society in the late 1930’s when wealthy m erchants families revelled in all the steeped traditions of courtship and marriage.  With both parents dead Tsuruko the eldest Makioka sister is the head of the family and as she and Satchiko (the second eldest) are already … Continue reading


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Freddie Quell is a real mess. After being discharged from the US Navy where he served in the Pacific Fleet in WW2 he has serious psychological issues and a  fierce short-fused temper that will not allow him to adapt back into civilian life at all, and so he drifts from job to job until one … Continue reading


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This sentimental old-fashioned French melodrama oozing with charm is a faithful remake of the 1940 original movie penned and directed by novelist turned playwright Marcel Pagnol.  This time it is helmed by veteran award winning actor Daniel Auteuil making his directing debut and taking the starring role too.  There are no CGI, (computer generated imagery) … Continue reading

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