Freelancers Anonymous

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Billie (Lisa Cordileone) is trapped in an office job which she hates and is only sticking out because she is marrying her girlfriend Gayle (Natasha Negovanlis) in three months time.  However, when her Boss overloads her with work and cuts both her working hours and benefits, she leaves determined to find her ‘own thing’ whatever … Continue reading

Funny Story

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Calling a movie Funny Story is rather a brave move which can lead to unfulfilled expectations especially when your plot has its fair share of tragic incidents too. This feature from Michael J Gallagher whose work is usually created for the small screen. is full of good intentions and does at least start off on full … Continue reading

Hearts Beat Loud

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  Frank (Nick Offerman) is a charming aging Brooklyn hippie has just two ambitions left in life, One is to hang on to the failing record store that he has owned in Red Hook for the past 17 tears,  and the second is to make music with his freshman medical student Sam (Kiersey Clemons) who doesn’t quite share his enthusiasm.  This … Continue reading

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