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Victor Maynard is a middle-aged snobbish Brit who is a professional assassin at the top of his game and in great demand.  One day instead of killing his latest victim he inadvertently saves her from another assassin and starts a whole train of events that set the pace for this very gentle and typically English … Continue reading


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Two-time Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson has come a long way since he burst on to our TV screens in 1985 as Woody the nice-but-dim innocent barman in Cheers.  Now at 55 years old he seems to have inherited fellow actor Bill Murray’s mantle for usually playing eccentric crotchety loners who are always several steps out … Continue reading


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After seeing the trailer, I had dismissed this movie as just another feel-good sitcom until I spotted its pedigree. It being the third feature film from writer/director Tom McCarthy who scored sleeper hits with ‘The Last Station Agent’ and ‘The Visitor’ which I both really enjoyed and admired.  Hence I found myself in the movie … Continue reading


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Aiden is evidently a very lousy actor.  He’s so bad that even though he lives in L.A. he hasn’t managed to score even a bit-part role for some years now.  He does insist though that he must ‘follow his dream’ and selfishly refuses to give up even though his nearest  and dearest must pick up … Continue reading

WRONG : a gem of an absurdist comedy that is so right

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If you read this blog regularly then you will know what we really love are movies that are so far out there, and that my creed is actually the weirder the better. And this delightful absurdist surreal comedy called ‘WRONG’ is a perfect example. Written, directed, photographed and edited by Quentin Dupieux (who also did the … Continue reading

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