Crazy All These Years

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When Ben’s (Christopher Howell) sister suddenly dies, he has to step up the plate and return home to take care of his bed-ridden mother. The moment he steps back inside the family home in some god-forsaken rural town that he left for the bright lights of N.Y. some 20 years ago, the reasons he was in … Continue reading

Dating My Mother

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For his first feature film writer/director Mike Roma reunites with actor Patrick Reilly who starred in his successful TV series Danny the Manny about a cute gay out-of-work actor in Hollywood having to become a nanny to a surly 6 year old simply to survive.  This time round Reilly plays Danny a rather obnoxious, aspiring … Continue reading

Disco Limbo

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Argentinian filmmakers Fredo Landaveri and Mariano Toledo feature film directing debut is a little like one long hallucinatory trip.  There is a vague story line to the narrative which is not that easy to follow, but somehow that doesn’t seem to the point of this rambling and rather bizarre avant-garde piece that looks like it was made by Film … Continue reading


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Experimental filmmaker Travis Mathews latest movie starts out with a kaleidoscope of slightly bizarre and unrelated images before he rolls out the  bare bones of the story.  We are never too sure the genre he is aiming for as what we assume at the beginning is probably intended as an audio visual art piece but … Continue reading

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