Every Thing Will Be Fine

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Minutes into this movie when Tomas (James Franco) is driving home through a snowstorm in the middle of some isolated countryside and is involved in a fatal accident, you have this sinking feeling that despite the title, actually nothing will be fine. Despite everyone assuring him that the accident was unavoidable and that he was … Continue reading

Far From The Madding Crowd

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It’s hard to distinguish if some of the criticism leveled at this, the fourth adaption of Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel, is because the director of this English classic is Danish, or because ardent cinephiles are miffed that anyone should try surpassing John Schlesinger’s 1967 definitive version starring Julie Christie. Nevertheless this new pared down adaptation … Continue reading

Felix And Meira

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This unexpected and unconventional love story starts off with the most random of encounters when Felix a perpetual womaniser cannot stop himself hitting up the sad looking attractive Hassidic woman waiting with her baby to pick up her food order in a delicatessen. There is no reaction from her at all or any real connection between the … Continue reading

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