A Second Chance

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It’s only the ‘goodies’ that get a second chance in this new rather overwrought melodrama from Danish Oscar winning director Susanne Bier as the ‘baddies’ evidently do not deserve to dig themselves out of the hell holes of lives they have ended up with.  The action starts with Police Detective Andreas and his partner Simon bursting into a squalid … Continue reading


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Brandy Burre is a character actress …. or rather was one when she appeared in the third and fourth season of HBO’s The Wire some eight years ago. Now she is a housewife and the mother of two small children living quite a comfortable existence in suburban Beacon in upstate New York with her restaurateur boyfriend … Continue reading


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There is an intriguing opening to this very disjointed tale of mystic healing that never ceases to leave you feel anything other than baffled right up to the final credits even though that was clearly never really the intention of Peruvian writer/director Claudia Llosa. At the beginning we follow Nana begging for a lift in the … Continue reading


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When 17-year-old Ed Wallis is given a homework assignment from his teacher to ‘go talk to an old person’, he has little choice than try and see if his next door neighbor will help him out.  Ed and his mother have just moved into the area to start a new life now that Ed’s dad … Continue reading

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