Sexual Tension 1 : Volatile

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Award-winning Argentinean gay filmmaker Marco Berger has teamed up with Marcelo Monaco, a fellow countryman of his who’s expertise is in gay porn, to make an anthology of short films that explore unconsummated desire.  Both of them wrote & directed three stories, each of them focusing on men getting very close to together in various states … Continue reading

Silent Youth

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Marlo a young engineering student is taking a break from school and is visiting a girl friend in Berlin. When she goes off to work, he takes off to explore the city. Crossing the street he momentarily links eyes with another man, and after the pass, they take furtive looks back at each other. Moments later as he crosses … Continue reading

The Comedian

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I could never ever be a Psychotherapist. It’s not just because I have no patience, but the fact I just completely loathe whiners. It’s also the reason why I was so irritated by this new wee film that is currently doing the Festival circuit. Don’t be fooled by the title, it is not funny in … Continue reading

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