Private Romeo : a tale of two queer star crossed lovers

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Over a weekend eight male high school cadets are left behind when the rest of the McKinley Military Academy go away on an Exercise and they are ordered to carry on with their studies regardless. In the English Literature Class they are studying ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the two young men reading the leads begin to take … Continue reading

Rent Boys

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For well over the past four decades Berlin’s Zoo Railway Station has been the main stomping ground for the city’s rent boys. Using archive footage from 1965 this fascinating documentary from gay activist filmaker Rosa Van Praunheim paints the scene there as it has evolved until the present day.  It is a desperately sad tale of … Continue reading


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  There are all sorts of ‘Romeos’ in this very innovative and somewhat daring tale about gender identity that is about how very tough it can be just being one’s self. The setting is a couple of dormitories in Koln, Germany where young adults are based to do a year of social studies. The film … Continue reading


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James Franco continues his somewhat unhealthy fixation with gay history and culture in his latest turn behind the camera.  His new movie was on Sal Mineo the ‘out’ gay actor who starred along James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and who was nominated twice for Best Supporting Actor Oscars.  However it was hardly a … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews’ James Franco’s THE BROKEN TOWER

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This is an obscure and difficult-to-watch movie about an obscure and difficult-to-read poet.  It’s the brief life of Hart Crane a poet and writer well-regarded by his peers but who was one very unhappy homosexual who took his own life in 1932 when he was a mere 33 years old.   In his short career … Continue reading

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