Aida’s Secrets

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  Most of the time when the Holocaust is being discussed the emphasis is on the millions of Jews who were part of the genocide, and less about the very lucky survivors. The immediate period following the cessation of the War when people were released from the Concentration Camps only to struggle with their new … Continue reading


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A young boy leaves the comfort of the big city where he lives with his Italian mother to make the long trek to join his Mayan father on a remote coral reef off the Mexico coast.  The parents are divorced so this is an opportunity for the lad to get right back to nature and … Continue reading

All in All aka La Suerte En Tus Manos

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  Would I appear a tad jaded if I described this new Argentinian romantic comedy as a little too close to a love affair itself i.e. starts off really well but confusion sets in and ends quite badly? What is real surprising though is that despite this, Daniel Burman’s movie picked up a Best Screenplay Award at the Tribeca Film Festival … Continue reading

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