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Leena Yadav‘s contemporary tale of village life in rural India told from the perspective of four women : three close friends in their mid 30’s and one new bride, starts off by being sufficiently harrowing to shock western audiences and then it gradually tapers to end on a more rosier note less we should think … Continue reading

Party Girl

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A weary and desolate Angélique Litzenburger a 60 year old dance-club hostess and former stripper sits nursing yet another drink at the bar and declares to her younger co-workers ‘I was a superstar!’ The trouble is that although she is way past her prime, she is still partying as hard as she did in her youth it’s simply that … Continue reading

Perfume de Gardenias : a delicious black comedy about funerals

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  Whether this post-pandemic time is suitable for this rather wonderful black comedy that takes aim at the hypocrisy of funerals, seemed irrelevant. This deliciously funny satire is after all the work of Macha Colón, a character created by the artist Gisela Rosario Ramos and inspired by the iconic actor and drag queen Divine. In … Continue reading


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This new French feature film co-directed by world-renowned choreographer Angelin Preljoçaj along with screenwriter Valérie Müller is an adaption of Bastien Vivès novel about a young girl pursuing her dreams and it very firmly makes the dancing far more important than the actual plot itself.  This is more of an observation than a criticism and it is  a move … Continue reading

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