Top Ten Cowboy Movies

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Ever since Ang Lee’s earth-shatteringly beautiful ‘Brokeback Mountain’ we have had a thing about cowboys.  Just as in that movie when Jack Twist says to Ennis ‘I wish I knew how to quit you’, we cannot stop yearning for a rugged man in spurs on horseback.  Or in fact any type of Cowboys, including the ones … Continue reading

Transformistas : the pioneer drag queens of Santa Clara, Cuba

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  Despite its setting of poverty and oppression there is a real sense of joy and elation in the lives of the Cuban drag queens captured in Transformistas (the local term for Drag) this new documentary.    Cuba has always held conflicting and ambiguous views on homosexuality. Even though in 1981, the Ministry of Culture … Continue reading

Twilight’s Kiss : a tender love story between two seemingly unlikely gay men.

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  For his third feature film award-winning queer Hong Kong filmmaker Ray Yeung has another love story to tell, and as usual with him, its an unexpected heart-touching tale although this time it is between two seemingly unlikely gay men. Set in HK, its the story of a 70-year-old cab driver Pak (Tai-Bo) who is … Continue reading

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