Everybody’s TalkIng About Jaime : an exuberant queer Brit musical that everybody will love to talk about

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  Everybody will really be talking about Jaime the moment they see this feel-good queer coming-of-age movie that is such an excellent adaption of the hit West End Musical. It’s an exuberant gay fairy tale of a 16-year-old teenager from a blue-collar northern British town who overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies, and steps out of … Continue reading

Fairytale : a delightful Italian queer absurdist comedy

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This delightfully eccentric queer Italian comedy is from married couple  writer Sebastiano Mauri making his directing debut and starring his husband and co-writer Filippo TImi.   Fairytale is adapted from a theatrical production of the same name which Timi also wrote and starred in and which premièred in 2011 to great acclaim. This last point is … Continue reading

Fantabulosa: the story of Kenneth Williams a legendary funny Brit Queer Icon

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  The late great Kenneth Williams could easily be described as Britain’s own Charles Nelson Reilly. Both men were celebrated classical trained actors who worked with all the major stars of their day, but they actually found their own fame with their outrageously camp and genius comic humor which made them both much loved national treasures. They were … Continue reading

First Period

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Extrovert 15 year old Cassie has just moved to a new town with her mother and has set herself a goal to be most popular girl in school before she hits sixteen and becomes a ‘real’ woman. She’s only got a week until that happens so she has got her work out but that doesn’t … Continue reading

From Queerguru archives : A MATTER OF SIZE a 2009 Israeli ‘coming out movie’ of a different kind

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  Herzi (Itzik Cohen) is a very likable obese man, living in a small town in Israel, who gets mad when he is thrown out of his Dieting Club by its skinny tyrannical leader who calls him a whale cos he is actually putting on weight.  To make matters worse,  he then gets fired from … Continue reading

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