The Search For General Tso

    This odd but entertaining documentary from writer/director Ian Cheney is an inquiry into how a ubiquitous dish of fried chicken became a staple item on every single Chinese restaurant in the USA even though nobody back in Mainland China has ever heard of it.  Cheney discovers there was an actual General Tso a military hero … Continue reading

    Trust Me

    I did ‘trust’ actor turned writer/director Clark Gregg that after watching the trailer that this, his sophomore feature, was a comedy.  Far from it, even though it has some comic moments this dark story of a Hollywood Agent whose career is sinking below rock bottom, is quite a depressing affair.  Gregg stars as Howard Holloway … Continue reading

    Viceroy’s House

    Gurinder Chadha’s well intended but rather stilted epic period drama about how the British badly managed their withdrawal from India exactly 70 years ago, lands in movie theaters at a time when the UK is now making rather a mess at leaving Europe too. In telling the tale of how Britain ended up splitting India … Continue reading

    Victoria and Abdul

    The two-time Oscar nominated British director Stephen Frears resume includes such stunning movies such as The Queen and The Grifters, and on the other hand some dreadful mistakes such as Lay The Favorite and Chéri that we’re sure he would rather forget. His latest movie Victoria and Abdul falls somewhere in the middle.  A pleasant crowd-pleaser … Continue reading


    Two-time Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson has come a long way since he burst on to our TV screens in 1985 as Woody the nice-but-dim innocent barman in Cheers.  Now at 55 years old he seems to have inherited fellow actor Bill Murray’s mantle for usually playing eccentric crotchety loners who are always several steps out … Continue reading

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