Humor Me

    For Sam Hoffman’s feature film writing/directing debut Humor Me he valiantly attempted to build on his very successful web series (and book) Old Jews Telling Jokes with very mixed results. What he ended up with is a family comedy that older Jewish audiences will lap up, but others will sadly find rather lame at best. This is … Continue reading

    Inherent Vice

    The reclusive writer Thomas Pynchon is known for his dense and complex novels which he has never allowed to be adapted into movies, until now that is. When ‘Inherent Vice’ his seventh novel was published in 2009 the dust jacket proclaimed that it was ‘part-noir, part-psychedelic romp’. In the hands of auteur filmmaker Paul Thomas … Continue reading

    Is That You?

    Even when this rather entertaining road-movie dripping with sentimentality from Israeli filmmaker Dani Menkin ends, you cannot help think that this would have all played out so much better if it had been filmed as a documentary. As we follow recently fired cinema projectionist 60-year-old Ronnie (Alon Aboutpoul) leave Tel Aviv to fly to NY … Continue reading


    29 year old Megan is never going to grow up. Although armed with a degree in Counselling she only works the odd day twirling an advertising board in the street for her over-indulgent accountant father. She lives with her soppy dull-as-dishwater high school boyfriend and has the same tight circle of friends she’s had for … Continue reading

    Love of My Lives aka Amor de Mis Amor

    With just one week away before he gets married to his fiancee Lucía, Carlos jumps on a plane to Madrid to convince his best friend to come back with him to Mexico to attend the wedding. Javier has been ignoring all his phone calls and emails so Carlos is worried that something dreadful may have happened … Continue reading

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