Bettie Page Reveals All

    Bettie Page was a stunningly beautiful American model who in the 1950’s became known as the Queen of Pinups. She was hardly a shy blushing maiden and her lack of inhibition posing for ‘camera clubs’ had made her an instant hit.   She was Miss January 1955 as one of the earliest Playmates for Hugh … Continue reading

    Beyond The Lights

    This rag to riches music industry drama starts off in a grubby Town Hall in Brixton one of London’s rougher areas where Nona a frizzy-haired schoolgirl is stunning the audience at this Talent Show with her capella rendition of Nina Simone’s classic song Blackbird. She wins second place which immediately enrages her potty-mouthed pushy stage … Continue reading

    Blue Caprice

    Writer/director Alexandre Moore takes on the impossible task of making a narrative that asserts to tell a rather tragic true story of some senseless needless violence without giving an emotional element to the perpetrators of the crime. The facts of the ‘Beltway Shootings’ by the ‘DC Snipers’   where John Muhammed and Lee Malvo went on … Continue reading

    Brand : A Second Coming

    Russell Brand is not an easy person to like. The 40-year-old British comic and recovering drug addict and a former Mr Katy Perry is an obnoxious, loud-mouth, narcissistic, vain, self-serving, hedonistic irritating man.  He is however side-splittingly funny when he is on stage performing and that is the saving grace of both Brand himself and … Continue reading

    Breakup at a Wedding

    I will confess that I was drawn to this very quirky wee comedy by its title and by its whole concept. Its a hybrid of a movie within a movie that’s essentially a video of the wedding from hell. Alison the bride has got cold feet on the day she is about to marry Phil, … Continue reading

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