All The Light In The Sky

    Marie is a middle-aged bit part Hollywood actress who has still not had her big breakthrough part. She has been successful enough to be able to live in a Malibu Beach apartment, albeit a small rented one. She’s a bit of a hippie and leads a healthy lifestyle with her daily routines of paddle-boarding and … Continue reading

    Anton Checkhov’s The Duel

    The protagonist in this small drama is Laversky, who allegedly is a high up civil servant but never seems to do a stroke of work and  whiles his days away just gambling a moment and drinking.  He’s shacked up with his rather beautiful mistress in a seaside resort but the she gets word that her husband … Continue reading

    Audrey : More Than An Icon

      For her sophomore feature  26 year old  British film-maker Helena Coan leaves behind the world of influential car designer Frank Stephenson and enters that of Hollywood’s biggest stars of all time.  Audrey Hepburn had kicked off her entry into the big time with her first starring role in Roman Holiday in 1953 picking up … Continue reading

    Barbara Rubin and The Exploding NY Underground

      This is a rather conventional documentary of a filmmaker who was anything but.  Barbara Rubin exploded on the New York underground scene  as a teenage when  in 1963 her Uncle asked Jonas Mekas a Lithuanian filmmaker known as the godfather of American avant-garde cinema to give her a job. He was more than happy … Continue reading

    The Spider in the Web : a convoluted and confusing spy story

    The Spider in the Web is a convoluted and confusing spy story that has only one real truth to tell, if you wear a mask for most of your life then you may not recognize yourself when you take it off. Adereth (Ben Kingsley) has spent his life working for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service. … Continue reading

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