Herb & Dorothy Vogel were seemingly a very ordinary New York couple.  He was a Postal Inspector, and she was a Librarian and they married in 1962, the year after they met and they lived frugally surrounded by cats in a tiny one bed apartment in Manhattan. What makes them extraordinary is since they met … Continue reading


When Will, an American satellite mapping-engineer working for Google struggles to order breakfast in a small cafe in a  remote comer of Armenia he is rescued by Gadarine who translates his request for an omelet. She is a local photographer and like Will is constantly on the move searching. Whilst he is looking to help … Continue reading


The most satisfying aspect of actor Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut movie is that although it is about the spiritual conflict of one woman as she drifts between skepticism and religious faith it never ever takes sides as she strives for the higher ground. We first see Corrine as a child when she responds to her … Continue reading


In this year that Hollywood is becoming increasingly fixated about retelling some historical biographical lives, I guess it’s no surprise to see Alfred Hitchcock  on the list.  Not once however, but twice.  Although technically HBO’s ‘That Girl’ about Hitchcock’s obsession with Tippi Hedren starring Toby Jones and Sienna Miller was a Brit made-for -TV film. This … Continue reading


As I left the movie house somewhat dazed I simply couldn’t get the phrase out of my head about ‘sons bearing the guilt of their fathers’. Google tells me  this originated from the Old Testament where it is paraphrased quite a few times. The trouble is as so often, the Bible is confusion personified and … Continue reading

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