Set in the middle of winter in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Norway this very cold ‘comedy’ is about two couples  bored with each other and they try a bit of wife swapping to liven things up.  Well, it’s not exactly like that as one of the husbands hits on the other … Continue reading


Although Amir Bar-Lev’s new documentary is about the sexual abuse that infamous Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky carried out on scores of young boys over a 15 year period, the focus is less on the crimes themselves but about the whole culture surrounding them and the devastating effects on that college town.   Initially … Continue reading


Life always seems so relatively easy for attractive 20 & 30 year olds living in Manhattan and juggling love and friendship as they finally grow up.  Sam, an aspiring writer, is on his way to an important meeting with an Editor when he becomes the temporary caretaker of a young African/American boy who has been … Continue reading

Hard-ish Bodies : a funny film by Mike Carreon

  The wonderful TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL have joined the number of cultural institutions who are now  putting content up online …..  and in this case it’s FREE. This first short film is such a sheer delight and put a big grin on  the faces of all of the QUEERGURU TEAM self-isolating in different places. “Hard-ish … Continue reading

Harold and Lillian : A Hollywood Love Story

The real-life story of Hollywood back-room couple Harold and Lillian Michelson is the sort of stuff that movies used to be made of. It’s a good old-fashioned true romance made more appealing by the fact that there were such a couple of really such likable people. They were both happy enough being together and just … Continue reading

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