Terminally Delightful BenDeLaCreme talks to queerguru

When queerguru asked the terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme about his new Show ‘Cosmos’ now playing at The Crown & Anchor, Provincetown she described it as ‘It’s all about science, but stupider, and with more dick jokes.’  Actually DeLa said a great deal more about the Show, Seattle, being a burlesque star, and even about the time … Continue reading

The Calamari Sisters search for Sausages (in all the wrong places)

queerguru went shopping this week and bumped into Delphine and Carmela ….known to the world as the (in) famous Calamari Sisters.  They had stumbled into The Toys of Eros looking for sausages to use in their brand new SAUSAGEFEST show playing at The Sage Inn & Lounge all this summer.  They were somehow under the … Continue reading

The Calamari Sisters Shop for (Big) Sausages

queerguru bumped into Delphine and Carmela : infamously known in these parts as The Calamari Sisters …. who were out shopping for big meaty sausages in the most unlikely places in P Town. These Italian gals have escaped their native Brooklyn for the summer to perform in their new all-singing, all dancing, all-talking, all-cooking SausageFest … Continue reading

The Guys Next Door @ #PIFF16

In their compelling new documentary  The Guys Next Door filmmakers Amy Geller & Allie Humenuk capture the remarkable heartwarming journey of gay married couple Erik and Sandro who get the family that they always wanted when their best friend Rachel acts as their surrogate twice. Filmed over five years it tracks how this whole new … Continue reading

The Innocents @ #PIFF16

queerguru reviews ‘The Innocents’ Anne Fontaine’s compelling drama based on a true story set in Poland after WW2 has just ended.  This harrowing tale is about how no-one can escape the inequities of war ….even innocent nuns. Reviewed for PTV as part of The Provincetown International Film Festival #PIFF16.

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