P Town Carnival : Back To The ’80’s

The theme for P. Town’s totally fabulous Annual Carnival this year was Back To the 80’s and queerguru aka Roger Walker-Dack was out on the streets with Judy Rolfe making this wee video for P.T.V. of the Parade  

P Town Carnival 2016 : Glitter & Be Gay

The streets literally went completely glittery when Manuel and his friends showered all the crowds the entire length of the Parade route of the P Town Carnival this year. queerguru caught up with him later to find out his story. Filmed by Judy Rolfe for P.T.V.  

P.Town Carnival 2016 : Remembering Orlando

Amongst all the merriment of P Town’s Carnival , two brothers from Chicopee, Massachusetts created their own tribute to the victims killed in Pulse Nightclub, Orlando by adding  a 49 foot train that containing 49 butterflies on their 80’s supermodel dress. queerguru caught up with them after the Parade. Filmed for P.T.V. by Judy Rolfe

Partners @ #PIFF16

What happens when a couple stop having sex?  Well according to this very cute short movie PARTNERS they have a fight and then make up and go have juice together! queerguru spoke to director Joey Ally  for PTV on the eve of the movie debuting at the Provincetown International Film Festival #PIFF16  as part of the … Continue reading

Political Animals @ #PIFF16

Political Animals is a brand new documentary that tells the remarkable story of four extraordinary women who were the very first openly gay legislators in California. These brave pioneers had to contend with fierce and hostile opposition that often got very personal and nasty, but nevertheless managed to author Bills that started to change the … Continue reading

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