C. Fitz talks about Jewel’s Catch One

For 42 years Jewel Thais-Williams ran Catch One  the first African-American female-owned disco in Los Angeles which provided an inclusive, exuberant and one-of-a-kind environment for gays of color to party in. It became so much more that as Jewel sought to offer a welcoming alternative, a place for expression and celebration that was a refuge … Continue reading

Celebrity Chef Michele Ragussis cooks for queerguru (again).

Michele Ragussis Celebrity TV Chef & Executive Chef at The Central House in The Crown & Anchor whipped up her Lobster Pappardelle for queerguru aka Roger Walker-Dack as they chatted about loving food and life in an episode we call ‘Eat Your Heart out Levi Kreis‘. (if you watch the video, you’ll know why) Filmed … Continue reading

Check It @ #PIFF16

‘Check It’ is a powerful and somewhat shocking new documentary about a ‘gang’ of gay and transgender kids in one of Washington DC’s most notoriously tough neighborhoods who collectively decide to fight back against all the physical and mental abuse that is heaped on them as they strive to simply survive. A couple of adult … Continue reading

Chef Michele Ragussis cooks for queerguru

queerguru plays a visit to TV Celebrity Chef Michele Ragussis who is the Executive Chef at The Central House @ The Crown & Anchor in Provincetown where we talk about life  (and love) as she cooks me one of her favorite dishes. Directed & filmed at The Crown & Anchor by Rik Ahlberg for P.T.V.  … Continue reading

Christopher Schaap : an old-fashion romantic in a young soul

Once in a blue moon when we are ploughing through our usual packed schedule of movies to review, we come across a wee gem that hails an extraordinary new talent that gets us more than a little excited. Discovering that this particular new find wrote, directed and starred in his first feature, but who is … Continue reading

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