Delphine (Izïa Higelin) is one of those very practical country girls. She lives and works on her father’s farm in the South of France where her days start well before dawn and always finish long after dark.  Her father is concerned because she has now taken to going for long walks late at night, and without … Continue reading


    Filmmaker Patty Ivins new documentary Hungry tracked three really inspiring women chefs for six months as they all went through crucial periods for their own restaurant businesses. They, and the other industry experts that Ivins interviewed set the scene with facts and figures proving how difficult it still is for women chefs even at the … Continue reading

    52 Tuesdays

    This is the year that sees 16 year old Billie lose both her virginity and her mother.  The former is impossible to retrieve, but as for the latter, its not that her mother has forsaken her, but more the fact that she has transitioned her gender. After Billie has come home from school and found her … Continue reading

    A Finished Life : The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

    Gregg Cour is a 48 year old  gay man with AIDS who, after being HIV+ for half of his life has decided that he simply does not want to start yet a new regime of different medications. As he explains, after a while the body comes immune to drugs taken continually and hence the need to … Continue reading

    A Gay Girl in Damascus :The Amina Profile

    Sandra Bagaria a French Canadian Jewish girl from Montreal went online looking for love.  She thinks she has struck gold when she hooks up with a Syrian/American lesbian called Amina who is currently living in Damascus. Very quickly their emails to each other get hot and steamy as they exchange intimate naked photographs and engage … Continue reading

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