Flatbush Luck

    Swedish/American filmmaker Casper Andreas specializes in formulaic gay-lite comedies with cliched ridden plots and characters that usually rely on being easy on the eye as their main selling point.  This latest one about two attractive cousins who work as phone repairmen in Brooklyn and stumble on a get-rich-quick scheme is about the same as his previous efforts … Continue reading


    British filmmaker Ricki Beadle Blair’s movies are never ever subtle, but this one made in 2010, insists on literally screaming about the cacophony of issues he crams into a rather manic 110 minutes. It tackles homophobia, hate crimes, racism, class, poverty, prison brutality, sexual identity, redemption plus there is the white star’s hangup for not being … Continue reading

    Big Gay Love

    Ringo Le’s comic drama admirably tackles the concept that even in our physique obsessed culture, gay men who are socially inept and more than pleasantly plump can still get their chance at a big romance. The lonely soul in this instance is Bob, who is a chubby successful party caterer in L.A. who has made … Continue reading

    Burning Blue

    Flying an F18 fighter aircraft for the US Navy is a tough assignment and requires very close cooperation between both pilots who must depend on each other with their own lives. Stationed in confined quarters on Aircraft Carriers for months at a time, its inevitable the men establish a strong bond between each other and … Continue reading


    This obscure wee Russian documentary from Dmitry Kubasov that queerguru stumbled across is one of those baffling bizarre movies that, despite your better judgement, you watch to the very end only to declare W.T.F!   Ostensibly it’s the story of 21 year old Alexey Artemiev who may be (!) an aspiring filmmaker who is shooting a … Continue reading

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