Last Men Standing

    It seems very apt that this highly emotional documentary that tells the poignant stories of 8 gay men who are long-time AIDS survivors is the work of The South Francisco Chronicle as it is Northern California’s largest newspaper and as such was always reporting more than most from the front line of the pandemic.  Since … Continue reading

    Danny DeVito is the sweetest gay curmudgeon

    Danny DeVito is the sweetest gay curmudgeon. This surprising and totally delightful new short movie that he has directed and stars in, is the tale of two elderly men residing in a living-assisted home, who are shocked to find true love in the final chapter of their lives.   It also features the last performance of … Continue reading

    54 : The Directors Cut

    The movie opens with a very hunky bare chested young man in a New York street late at night trying to cover up and keep warm. You can hear him start to explain. “I’m not going to bullshit you, it was the greatest party in the history of the world.  My boss said the road … Continue reading

    Another Country

    This wonderful insight to the heavily entrenched traditions of the archaic British class system that prevailed for centuries tells the story of a privileged elite set of young men as they deal with the elaborate rituals at one of the countries most prestigious Public Schools (what the Brits call Private Schools).   The story set in … Continue reading


    Jean-Pierre Provut was born in 1935 in a tiny village in Algeria, and one of his very earliest memories is of sitting on his mother’s lap as she tried in vain to get him to say his own name. It’s not that he couldn’t, but just that he wouldn’t.  He was happiest wearing his older sister’s … Continue reading

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