Coming Out

Unless you are gay or fit in somewhere along the queer spectrum you will never ever really be able to appreciate the traumas of coming out of the closet about your sexuality in this heteronormative world.    There is simply no one way of doing this, and when young filmmaker Alden Peters decided it was … Continue reading

Call Me Marianna

The first time we see forty-something year Polish Marianna is as she is heading to Court to sue her aged parents. It is evidently the only way that she can be allowed to go ahead with the sex realignment surgery which is the final part of her transitioning. After Marianne separated from her wife of … Continue reading

Campaign of Hate : Russia And Gay Propoganda

Uber gay porn king Michael Lucas has kept his clothes on in front of the camera for a second time with his new documentary about the plight of gay men and women in Russia.  It is a vast improvement on his first attempt at getting serious with his ‘Undressing Israel’ movie where life for the … Continue reading

Candid Love

Filmmaker Kurtz Frausun’s voyeuristic record of an ill-fated relationship between two desperately troubled men is a disturbing sight that raises all sorts of questions. The first one of which is why they even allowed the intrusive camera into their lives at a time when they are both clinging on to the last vestiges of hope … Continue reading


This is the story of how the celebrated and somewhat notorious writer Truman Capote was fascinated and became obsessed by the brutal murder of a whole family in a deserted Kansas Farmhouse that became his most successful book ever, the sensational ‘In Cold Blood’. This is THE role that the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman was born … Continue reading

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