Baby Steps

American/Taiwanese Danny has been with his artist boyfriend Tate for two years now and to mark their anniversary Tate gives him a portrait of them both that he has painted.  However what Danny really wants is a baby.  So too does his mother back in Taiwan who is desperate to be a grandmother, something that her … Continue reading

Back on Board : Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis is an American Hero. The sad thing is that it has taken such a long time for many people to truly acknowledge that. Despite him being a four-time US Olympic diving champion whose many records remain unbroken today, he never always got all the acclaim and rewards that other sportsmen got just because … Continue reading

Bad Boy Street aka Rue Des Mauvais Garcons

It’s dawn in Paris, Yann a middle-aged gay man is walking home when he spots a cute young man lying in the gutter.  Turns out he’s drunk and an American tourist. The street is in the 4th Arrondissement and is called Rue des Mauvais Garcons : hence the movie title. Next morning the boy wakes … Continue reading

Bad Hair aka Pelo Malo

The opening scene of the movie reveals a very reluctant Marta cleaning a luxury apartment aided and abetted by Junior her 9 year old son who she has dragged along as she cannot afford a babysitter. She’s annoyed as she feels that this work is beneath her but has to do it anyway as she … Continue reading

Ballroom Rules

This totally enchanting documentary is a deliciously hilarious look at same-sex couples in Australia as they practice to enter the ballroom dancing competition at the Gay Games.   The story starts in the autumn of 2009 and just nine months away from the World Gay Games in Germany, and Anny a vivacious blond dance instructor … Continue reading

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