Filmmaker Eric Juhola talks about Growing Up Coy

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The Mathis are a remarkable family whose courage and determination rarely faltered when they supported their youngest child Coy who started transitioning from male to female in kindergarten after it was clear that Coy felt he was a girl.  Growing Up Coy documents the family’s fight for her right to use the girls’ bathroom in a landmark civil rights case that prompted a nationwide debate. 

On the eve of the movie being released for global streaming to over 190 countries on Netflix (it is already available on Itunes) director Eric Juhola talked to queerguru at PTV via Facetime about just how important Coy Mathis’s touching story really is.



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Filmmaker Jake Graf talks about ‘Dusk’ & trans issues and more

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On the eve of the World Premiere of his new movie DUSK at Boston’s Wicked Queer Film Festival trans filmmaker and activist Jake Graf talked to queerguru for PTV’s Channel 99.  As it was International Transgender Day of Visibility the interview covered not just Dusk, and Graf’s recent viral hit Headspace, but also about some of the issues that the trans community are still facing.

This queerguru reports was filmed via Facetime by Roger Walker-Dack


Trans filmmaker & activist Jake Graf talks about Headspace

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Brit trans activist and filmmaker Jake Graf talked to queerguru for P.T.V. on the day of the launch of his latest movie Headspace.  He released it to mark LGBT History month, and it is a powerful and somewhat disturbing insight into the daily trials and tribulations that trans people have to deal with that most other people do not give a second thought.

Since its release, and this interview, the film has clocked up over 1 million views in the space of a little over 24 hours .  It so deserves to be seen by as many people as possible, but before you check it out, see what Jake has to say about it all in our exclusive interview.