Dishonoured Bodies

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Juanma Carrillo is a Spanish independent filmmaker, producer, photographer and occasional musician whose collection of short movies are always highly intriguing, extremely sensuous, often avant-garde art pieces of art, but always immensely engaging. He seems to set out to shock and titillate his audience,  and is not adverse to adding a few humorous touches, and even … Continue reading

Everlasting Love

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‘Everlasting Love’ is a rather bizarre choice for a title of a movie that is all about lust and other rather gruesome practices, so one can only assume it is meant to be ironic. It is the sophomore feature from Spanish filmmaker Marçal Forés (‘Animals’) and is a tale about cruising for sex, both gay and straight, that carries … Continue reading

Hidden Away

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Set in one of the shabbier areas in Bilbao in Northern Spain, this is a tale of racism, homophobia plus both unfulfilled and unrequited love.  It’s the story of Ibra a 15 year-old youth who has fled Morocco and is living hand-to-mouth in an immigrants hostel and trying to survive on nothing but his wits. … Continue reading

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