Alden Peters talks about COMING OUT with queerguru

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When 20 year old filmmaker Alden Peters decided he was ready to come out as a gay man to his family and friends he did some research to see if he could find any sort of guidelines to help him handle the situation.  He was particularly concerned with how to deal with the next step after his coming out, but sadly he could find nothing at all that offered any real advice. This was all about the same time as the tragic death of college student Tyler Clementi who took his own life after being outed by a roommate, and so the whole dialogue about the sensitive subject had publicly taken on a new dimension in the media.

So in the end the utterly charming Peters did it the only way he knew, and that was to film each of the encounters which he hoped would then help him and his immediate circle understand the situation better.

Peters was unquestionably one of the lucky ones with a family that loves him unconditional and a set of friends that accept him for who he is without question.  The result is a remarkably wonderful insightful documentary called Coming Out that Wolfe Video are releasing on VOD to celebrate National Coming Out Day on Tuesday 11th October. To mark the occasion Alden Peters talked to queerguru via FaceTime for P.T.V. about the movie and the journey it took him on.


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Bobbi Jo Hart talks about Rebels on Pointe with queerguru

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Bobbi Jo Hart is the director of the new movie Rebels on Pointe which is the first documentary that has gone behind the scenes of the world-famous all-male (and all-gay) ballet company Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. It’s a wonderful heartwarming tale of how this Company has not just survived for over 40 years doing their delightful parodies of romantic and classical ballets that have not just won them fans all over the world, but how they have become one of the oldest (and happiest) LGBT organizations.

On the eve of the movie’s East Coast Premiere at Miami’s OUTshine Festival Bobbi sat down with Roger Walker-Dack for queerguru reports on PTV’s Channel 99 to talk about what making this film meant to her.   The interview at the Albion Hotel, Miami Beach was filmed by Douglas C. Lance of

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Filmmaker Eric Juhola talks about Growing Up Coy

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The Mathis are a remarkable family whose courage and determination rarely faltered when they supported their youngest child Coy who started transitioning from male to female in kindergarten after it was clear that Coy felt he was a girl.  Growing Up Coy documents the family’s fight for her right to use the girls’ bathroom in a landmark civil rights case that prompted a nationwide debate. 

On the eve of the movie being released for global streaming to over 190 countries on Netflix (it is already available on Itunes) director Eric Juhola talked to queerguru at PTV via Facetime about just how important Coy Mathis’s touching story really is.



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Jon Garcia talks about The Falls Trilogy

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Writer/director Jon Garcia has just completed the final part of The Falls trilogy which traces a couple of young gay Mormons missionaries as they come to terms with their sexuality within the confines of their faith. Coming out as gay can be tough enough for many people, but attempting to do that as an active member of the Church of Latter Day Saints is nigh on impossible.

Things however are changing and in The Falls Grace of Covenant,  RJ and Chris are determined to resolve the issues that have kept them apart to see if they could ever live happily ever after together from now on.

On the eve of the release of The Falls Covenant of Grace, Garcia talks to queerguru aka Roger Walker-Dack about this highly successful LGBT trilogy evolved and why he thought it time to give some closure to these young men’s struggle    The interview is filmed via FaceTime for P.T.V. 


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Moises Serrano talks about “Forbidden” with queerguru

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24 year old Moises Serrano is one of those selfless millennials who are determined to make their mark on the world by putting themselves on the line to really make a difference for his community.  Both queer and undocumented, this fearless activist has risked his own security by coming out and being prepared to be counted.  His inspiring story, and that of others in similar situations, is captured so beautifully in this must-see documentary Forbidden : Undocumented & Queer in Rural America which is currently doing the rounds of the Film Festivals, where it has already picked up three awards.

Moises sat down with queerguru  prior to the latest screening of the movie at the OUTshine Festival to explain further about the plight of undocumented Americans, and some of his forthright views were not what we expected.

The interview was filmed by Roger Walker-Dack  in the Bar at Miami Beach’s Hotel Gaythering for P.T.V