The Calamari Sisters search for Sausages (in all the wrong places)

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queerguru went shopping this week and bumped into Delphine and Carmela ….known to the world as the (in) famous Calamari Sisters.  They had stumbled into The Toys of Eros looking for sausages to use in their brand new SAUSAGEFEST show playing at The Sage Inn & Lounge all this summer.  They were somehow under the impression that this was a kitchen utensil store and took great delight in showing me how they planned to use all the ‘unusual’ toys.

Here’s a teaser trailer of our hilarious encounter  …… we’ll publish the whole thing when our editor can stop laughing.  

Filmed for PTV by Rik Ahlberg & Amy Davies 


Terminally Delightful BenDeLaCreme talks to queerguru

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When queerguru asked the terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme about his new Show ‘Cosmos’ now playing at The Crown & Anchor, Provincetown she described it as ‘It’s all about science, but stupider, and with more dick jokes.’  Actually DeLa said a great deal more about the Show, Seattle, being a burlesque star, and even about the time she was on TV with someone called RuPaul.

After this hilarious interview filmed for P.T.V. by Amy Davies we fully understood why the wonderful DeLa was once voted Miss Congeniality.

The Calamari Sisters Shop for (Big) Sausages

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queerguru bumped into Delphine and Carmela : infamously known in these parts as The Calamari Sisters …. who were out shopping for big meaty sausages in the most unlikely places in P Town. These Italian gals have escaped their native Brooklyn for the summer to perform in their new all-singing, all dancing, all-talking, all-cooking SausageFest Show at the Sage Inn & Lounge .

Watch how these hilarious naive (!!!) pair find all sorts of new uses in the kitchen for what they find on the shelves of The Toys of Eros store, before they go hound Shane at Connie’s Bakery to see if his dough still rises.

Filmed by Amy Davies & Rik Ahlberg for P.T.V.


For tickets and information

Miss Richfield 1981 Sur La Plage

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Miss Richfield 1981  who is unquestionably the most colorful superstar to walk the streets and trample the boards in #PTown every summer who everyone adores, invited queerguru to her ‘private beach’ to throw the heaviest shade in town in the most hilarious conversation which (literally) almost killed us.The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by #HusseinWentz ……Miss Richfield 1981 is appearing at Crown & Anchor most nights

Varla Jean Merman on Whatever Happened to Mrs Danvers

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Varla Jean Screen

The actress, chanteuse, fashion icon and superstar Varla Jean Merman is one really busy lady these days.  Back  in P.Town starring in her brand new show called A Little White Music (critics rave that it is her best one yet) 
, co-starring with Ryan Landry in Brown is The New Pink a parody of the hit TV series, and also directing the boys of Well Strung in their new show Strings Attached and all at the ArtHouse.

Miss Merman is still not to busy to be ruthless however when need be, so she sat down with queerguru the other evening to talk about whatever happened to Mrs Danvers and other hilarious stories from her summer so far.  The whole interview will go live and be aired on P.T.V. (and here ) very soon when our Editor stops laughing. Meanwhile here is a wee clip of our conversation with one of P Town’s Royalty and our favorite 6’2″ redhead in a dress.

Filmed by Judy Rolfe for P.T.V. at The Anchor Inn Beach House, Provincetown.

For details & tickets for all of Varla’s Shows click HERE


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