Igloo aka Iglu

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Diego Ruiz has probably the largest soulful looking eyes I have seen on the screen for a long time. In the opening scene of the movie that he directed/wrote and starred in, he is all of a twitch as he is trying to persuade his neighbor, an agoraphobic Therapist, to write him a prescription for … Continue reading


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Despite several very disquieting factors about Chilean filmmaker Fernando Guzzoni’s story about a dysfunctional father/son relationship, the drama does nevertheless make for compelling viewing.   For most of the week 18 year old Jesús (Nicolás Durán) is left alone to his own devices in Santiago whilst his father (Alejandro Goic ) is away working, and rather than go to school or … Continue reading

My Last Round

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Soon after middle-aged Octavio begins his romance with his young lover Hugo life gets complicated for both of them. Octavio is told he must give up boxing because he has a medical condition that could cause a brain hemorrhage, and Hugo gets fired from his job as he got the boss’s daughter pregnant. Determined to … Continue reading


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When Chilean lawyer Paula (Mariana Loyola) divorces her husband Victor (Daniel Munoz), her new partner Lia (Agustina Muñoz) moves in to share her home in this small conservative town.  One day Paula is summed for a meeting with the school Principal after her 8 year old daughter Catalina (Emilia Ossandon) had made a drawing of … Continue reading

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