Carlos Jáuregui : The Unforgettable Fag

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In this documentary that tells the story of the leading Argentinian LGBT activist Carlos Jáuregui, someone comments at one point ‘it’s important for our community to know where we have come from’  to which we would add, it is equally vital that we know who propelled us along the way too.  Every LGBT community has a hero, … Continue reading

How To Survive A Plague

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David France’s meticulously detailed account is how an angry and fiercely committed group of selfless people refused to lie down and play dead and by taking on both the pharmaceutical industry and Government institutions, they made a real difference and saved countless live. This is of course the story of the AIDS epidemic which brought about … Continue reading

Ignasi M.

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Veteran gay Catalan filmmaker Ventura Pons returns to documentaries for his latest film which is a look at the somewhat turbulent life of charismatic renowned museum expert Ignasi Millet.  The opening scene shows openly gay HIV-positive Ignasi counting out his day’s quota of drugs that his multitude of doctors have prescribed and a few they didn’t. The fact … Continue reading

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