Some 10 years after his death in his native France singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg is evidently still considered a legend and an icon. This startling new movie based on first time director Joann Starr’s own graphic novel traces Gainsbourg roots when he was then just Lucien Ginsberg a young mischievous Russian Jewish boy growing … Continue reading


If this account of Senator John McCain’s Presidential Campaign was only just partly true then it really sinks in what a catastrophic disaster this country/world would had suffered if he had defeated Barak Obama and we had to deal with the nightmare called Sarah Palin as our Vice President.  I am assuming that as the script … Continue reading


Jenn’s biological clock is ticking away and she wants to have a baby whilst she still can. Trouble is none of her beaus stick around longer than a few months, so she falls back on her Plan B.  Many years ago at College she entered a pact with her best friend Matt that if she … Continue reading


  The genius that the title of this new biopic refers too is the legendary American writer of the early 20th Century Thomas Wolfe who published four lengthy major novels before he died tragically at the age of 38. The movie starts at the point where his yet unpublished first book has been rejected by … Continue reading


The one thing the members of the Club definitely don’t talk about is Geography. They are group of closeted gay high school students who don’t want anyone to know the true purpose of their meetings. There are only three members to start but when Min, a rather bossy bi-sexual, inadvertently catches her friend Russell kissing … Continue reading

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