Murray is about to close down his rare book store in New York that has been in his family for three generations. It will mean that he and his 50-something-year old assistant and life long friend Fiorovante will be unemployed and strapped for cash. Murray however tells his pal that his wealthy female dermatologist had … Continue reading


Once all the gung-ho members of George W’s gun slinging gang of cronies decided to go to War in Iran on the most misguided of excuses they need a pretext to justify their actions.  Scrabbling around to uncover any minute bit of evidence they seized on reports that Niger, an African nation, had sold uranium … Continue reading


When Israeli filmmaker Nitzan Gilady crammed his parents and two grown up brothers and one sister in lawn into an RV to travel thousands of miles across country for a week to go visit the Grand Canyon I was very skeptical.What on earth could happen over the Passover holiday with the family living on top … Continue reading

Fanny’s Journey

This highly emotional WW2 drama tells the true story of a group of young Jewish children who were left to fend for themselves when they were escaping to Switzerland and safe haven.  The journey started in Paris for Fanny and her two sisters in 1943 when after their father was arrested by the Nazis, their mother … Continue reading

Far From The Madding Crowd

It’s hard to distinguish if some of the criticism leveled at this, the fourth adaption of Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel, is because the director of this English classic is Danish, or because ardent cinephiles are miffed that anyone should try surpassing John Schlesinger’s 1967 definitive version starring Julie Christie. Nevertheless this new pared down adaptation … Continue reading

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