When Christopher Murray was born he suffered oxygen deprivation which resulted in his autism, although 51 years ago this was a ‘disorder’ still to be recognized by the medical profession.  His mother Janice always aware that Christopher was ‘different’,   and lacking any sound advice or help, was determined that with immense amounts of love … Continue reading


The very scary fact thing about watching Dallas Buyers Club is always knowing that this is sadly a very true story. Not that we have anything except unfettered admiration for Ron Woodroof and his wild unorthodox schemes, but it is the reminder of the sheer number of countless deaths that could have been avoided if … Continue reading


In my seemingly never ending quest to bone up on American cultural icons that never featured in my British upbringing, I saw ‘Dancemaker’ a portrait of the subliminal Paul Taylor the celebrated choreographer who is possibly the greatest creator of modern dance in this country. In the 1950’s even though he was dancing with the … Continue reading


The very first thing you notice about the young Ukrainian ballet superstar Sergei Polunin is his deep set of piercing eyes which somehow seem to unnerve him as much as the people he stares at.  He cuts a striking figure shirtless displaying a profusion of tattoos and his taut sinewy body with perfect abs clad … Continue reading


Renowned world champion ballroom dancer Pierre  Dulaine returns to his home town of Jaffa for the very first time since his family fled when he was just 4 years old. At that time when the state of Israel was established the majority of the Arab population were pushed out, and those that remained became Palestinian Israelis. … Continue reading

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