Sunday, November 12th, 2017

The Morning After


Find out what happens next when Harry (Joshua Berg) wakes up one morning to discover a naked man in bed with him. He remembers nothing of the night before besides consuming a great deal of alcohol but Thom (Luke Striffler) tells him that besides talking about his girlfriend half the night, Harry had expressed an interest in discovering what it would be like to sleep with man.

Now confused and worried that they did more than ‘just sleep’,  the moment Thom leaves, Harry dashes around to Lucy (Juliet Lundholm) his ex-girlfriend for  a quick ‘wham, bam and thank you mam,’ but for once this doesn’t do the trick and leaves him even more confused.  Check out what happens now that Harry has to work out what’s next in this cute short movie written and directed by Bruno Collins.


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Genres:  coming out, drama, shorts

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