Thursday, May 16th, 2013

What Happens Next

Paul Greco is an uptight wealthy 50-year-old unmarried man who has just made a killing by selling off the Company he owned and ran and is now at a loose end as to what to do with all his free time.  His hyper interfering sister gets him a dog to take for walks in the park  … like that’s going to fill a whole day …. but it turns out that Paul would much rather hit on cute younger fellow dog owner Andy that he meets.  One (biggish) snag is that Paul is straight.   Or is he?  Will he ever find out, and more importantly, will Andy (or we) care?   He does work it out, albeit very clumsily, and Andy says he cares, but frankly we, or rather I, certainly did not.
In this debut feature from a young Jay Arnold that is best described as ‘gay-lite’ this potentially likeable wee movie is hampered by both some weak and awkward writing and THE most unconvincing and wooden performances, which given that two of the leads were played by fine actors viz. Jon Lindistrom and Wendie Malick, I can only assume is down to poor direction.
So I can tell you What Happens Next …. this movie goes straight to DVD and languishes on the shelves there until there is a computer malfunction and Netflix suggest that I (you) would like it.  Oh so wrong, BUT although I did want to like it, stereotypes and all, in the end it just made me wince far too much.
P.S. The dog though is soooo cute. 

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Genres:  rom-com

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